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Bob is a member of the North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce, and I personally recommend his training!

Make sure you reserve your ticket from this page to receive an additional $900 off your ticket."

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"This SIMPLE Profit System
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February 26-28, 2010

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From the Desk Of Bob The Teacher
Leland, North Carolina
RE: How your business will thrive in 2010 and beyond

Imagine where your business will be just 1 year from now.

  • You can finally be off the income roller coaster that you can't seem to shake right now...

  • You will feel the freedom to step away from the computer at a moments notice to spend more time with your family...

  • You will get thank you emails and notes from dozens of people every week thanking you for how much you've helped them...

  • You will have an endless group of prospects banging on your door to do business with you, while existing customers come back to you again and again.

That's all possible with the system and training I can provide.

So if you're unsatisfied with where you are now, and you're ready to move past this plateau to a whole other level, keep reading.

If we have yet to cross paths, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Bob Jenkins, and I've developed a SIMPLE formula for the profitable growth of an internet-based business you run from home (or on the road, from a cruise ship, or even in another country!).

If you're just starting out, this SIMPLE formula will get you to $500/month and higher extremely fast and continually grow towards a 6-figure business in under 2 years.

If you've got an existing business (services, information, products, etc.), this formula will give you an additional $10,000/month in revenue within the next 6-12 months.

And best of all - once you put the SIMPLE formula in place, your business becomes highly automated. This means you'll have more free time to actually enjoy the rewards of your efforts! After all, there's no point in replacing all the stress and anxiety you currently face with an 80-hour workload every week.

Over the last 4 years, this formula has enabled me to help more people than I ever could in my former job. It's given me a steady income I can rely on, even when I take a week or two off. And it's allowed me to succeed on my own terms.

Succeed On Your Terms
And Enjoy The Results!

How would your every day life be different if your business generated an extra $1000/month than what you're getting right now? How about another $3500 each and every month?

For the last 32 months consecutively, my SIMPLE formula has helped me earn over $10,000 each and every month. In my former job, I would never be able to earn more than $75,000 even after working there for 30 years!

But there's a lot more to this kind of success than the money.

Let me share just a few of the more important benefits that matter the most to me, and I hope it helps you see that if a poor kid from a small town in West Virginia can succeed, so can you!

And then I'll break down exactly how the SIMPLE formula works...

Success Benefit #1:
You Can Upgrade Your House

This was the small townhouse I lived in while I was still teaching full time, with a drug half-way house 2 doors down. One time, we even had a S.W.A.T. team block out our neighborhood as they raided another one of our neighbors.

Before After

In late 2007, right after I resigned from my job because of how well business was doing, we were able to upgrade to a warmer climate, a larger home, and a much bigger yard. This is where live now after moving to Leland, North Carolina (just 7 minutes from Wilmington).

We're on a quiet cul-de-sac with great neighbors and (so far at least) no visits from the SWAT Team. :)

Maybe getting a more comfortable home in a safer place would be how you would benefit from your business success?

Success Benefit #2:
You Can Enjoy More Vacations
And See Amazing Places And People

The running joke for teachers is that they get 2 months off every summer, and have to spend every day of "vacation" at a part-time job to make up for the low salaries.

In my 10 years as a teacher, I traveled a total of 5 weeks.  In 2009, just ONE of my vacations was 5 weeks!

Here are just a few snapshots to give you the picture of the freedom to travel you can enjoy with a successful online business.

Extended road trips like this one to Sedona, Arizona - 2009

Resort vacations like this one at Cheeca Lodge in Islamorada, Florida - 2008

Cruises to the Caribbean with internet marketers - 2007, 2008, 2009

Historical tourism stops like Stonehenge during a Transatlantic Cruise - 2009

And sporting events like the US Open Tennis Championships - 2009

Imagine where you get to go when you no longer have to worry about showing up every day to a 9-to-5 soul sucking day job!

Who would you send those "wish you were here" postcards to?

Success Benefit #3:
You Can Reconnect With Family

I'll be the first to admit my family relationships are pretty wacked out (who's isn't, right?). So at first, the success I was having online helped me help my girlfriend get reconnected to hers.

And by that I mean actually physically reconnecting. She came to the US from Poland in 1999, and did not see any of her family (not her mom and dad, her brother, sister, or other close relatives) for over 7 years.

One of the first things my internet business allowed me to do was to take her back home to visit everybody during Christmas of 2006.  You can probably guess how much that meant to her and her relatives.

Reuniting Joanna with her family, Christmas 2006
And check out the wild boar above that blocked the road!

And we've been back to Poland several times since that first visit. Of course, I've enjoyed learning a new language and discovering a new part of the world. And don't get me started on the food and desserts! :)

We've also been able to bring members of her family to the US, and take them on vacations with us. You can probably how awesome it was for Joanna's sister and cousin to join us on a Caribbean cruise to St. Maarten and other islands in January - when back home in Poland it was below freezing!

Joanna's cousin and sister with us in the Caribbean

Most recently, internet marketing has helped me get reconnected to my brother. Not only will we get to see each other a lot more, but I can help him get going with his online business, too!

Connecting with my brother in person - first time in 5 years!

I bet somebody you love isn't in your life as much as you want them to be. With the SIMPLE formula in your business, you will be able to change that much faster than you think possible.

Success Benefit #4:
You Can Get New Friends
And Greater Respect

Did you have a "kids table" at Thanksgiving when you were growing up? Remember how much you wanted to be at the "big" table instead of sitting in the wobbly folding chair and eating off of paper plates (and not event Chinette!).

Enjoying a meal at the "big" table
of movers and shakers

With clients and colleagues at the
original Wagamama in London

The same was true for me when I first got started in business. I saw all these successful people at the first few live events I attended, and I wanted to be part of their circle. And to literally enjoy meals at the "big" table.

After about 2 years of learning the ropes, and climbing up the ladder from a no-name in this industry, I'm now invited and welcome in any circle.

Of course, I realized once I got there that they were just like you and me. They may have had a head start, or caught a break. But they all work hard for where they're at and now enjoy success and business on their terms, too.

Becoming a successful information marketer in my industry has also given me the best clients I could ever ask to work with, without the limitations of geography most people are constrained by.

Last summer, during my 6 week vacation to Europe, I connected with a few at my favorite restaurant in the world....

In who's circle would you like to run?

What would it be like for you to have clients and colleagues drop what they're doing to spend time with you? 

With the SIMPLE system in place, you'll get entry into those circles and then create your own that others want access to!


Just A Few Of The "Establishment" Who
Endorse My Training

Joel Comm was the first "guru" to promote my work - Squidoo Secrets - but it wouldn't have been possible without having all 3 phases of the SIMPLE formula in place.

J.P. and Coach Deb Micek were early supporters and continue to recommend me to their clients because of how I applied the SIMPLE formula to their product.

Mike Filsaime has not only promoted my training to his massive email list, but he also had me teach his entire Butterfly Marketing Workshop to over 100 people last year in Las Vegas! 

Carrie Wilkerson not only recommends me to her subscribers, she also connects me to her powerful rolodex! She even threw me a private birthday party with A-listers.

 Success Benefit #5:
You Can Get Endorsements
And Promotions From
The "A-Listers"

No matter what field you're in, there's somebody who is a super star there already. And I bet you've wondered if you'll ever get their attention.

How would the rate of your growth change if you could get somebody with a huge following to put in a good word for you?

Because of the 3-phases of the SIMPLE formula, I was able to not only get on the radar of these experts, but also earn their respect and endorsements within 14 months of getting started.

Perhaps you've heard of a few of these leaders who recommend my training to their virtual or live audiences?

  • Nancy Marmolejo

  • Matthew Glanfield

  • Todd Gross

  • Frank Bauer

  • Melanie Benson Strick

  • Lynn Terry

  • Willie Crawford

  • Elisabeth Donati

  • Donna Kozik

  • Soren Jordansen

  • Glen Hopkins

  • Melissa Galt

  • Ken McArthur

  • David Perdew

  • Ross Goldberg

  • Mary Allen

Again - this was possible because of the specific steps I take in my marketing using the SIMPLE formula I'm teaching at the end of the month.

So I ask you - who in your field would you like to get connected to? Who's star status can you eventually energize your business with if you could just have the right steps in place to get there?

It won't happen overnight, but I can assure you of this...

... with my SIMPLE formula you're setting yourself on a converging path with any expert in your field!  And eventually, your status and success will be admired by a great group of people eager to spend just a few minutes with you!


Learn From Me Because I Make The Tools And
Strategies Of Internet Marketing Simple And Profitable!

Over the last 4 years, I've built up a reputation as the one you go to when you really want to learn the step-by-step. Not just the why, but the how and the when.

To put it a different way...

When promoting your business online seems really confusing, like this...


... I'll break it down for you so it feels easy, like this...


And then I'll kick it up a notch and reveal hidden opportunities everybody else forgets to tell you about, like this...

The best part is you finally get somebody on your side who wants you to succeed as much or even more than he does.

As a teacher, I've always loved to live vicariously through the success of my students. And I'm perfectly happy giving you all my secrets so you can succeed on your terms - even if that means getting better results than I do!

You Can Trust That I'll Over Deliver
As I Help You Grow Your Business

This is the very first time I'll be teaching this system, so I'd love to be able to share all the raving testimonials about how great SIMPLE is from members. I'm hoping your results will be on display here in the future.

But since this is the Pilot of SIMPLE, I can share with you feedback I get from my existing courses and training.


Rave Reviews For Bob The Teacher's Coaching Programs

"I Launched My Own Radio Show!"

Meredith Eisenberg
Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Bob gave me focus, clarity, and vision.

Now, instead of spinning many plates, I am moving forward in a logical fashion as I continue to grow my online business.

I launched an internet radio show, cleaned up and streamlined my website, and created an auto-responder system that will pay dividends into the future.

Plus I get to spend more time with family, too!"


Rebecca (Kepple) Page -


Rave Reviews For Bob The Teacher's Teleseminar Formula

"Makes The Technology Easy!"

Laurie Tossy
Loveland, Colorado

"I had been considering conducting teleseminars for more than two years but held back because it seemed too complex and other courses were too expensive.

With Teleseminar Formula I actually held my first teleseminar in less than 2 weeks!

Bob teaches you the technology and makes it easy, and he teaches you so much more--including other ways to make money from your teleseminars.

If you are AT ALL thinking about learning how to conduct a teleseminar, this is the course for you to take. Do it now and in a fortnight you will have your first one under your belt!"


Justin Lee -

Rave Reviews For Bob The Teacher's Virtual Courses

"He Has A Gift For Transforming The Complex Into Simple!"

Ricardo Lalama

Chiropractor Income Secrets

"I spent the last 5 years struggling to become an internet marketing expert. I spent many hours and a lot of money trying to figure out how to put the pieces of the internet marketing puzzle together. At one time, I reached a point of pure frustration and I came REAL close to quitting.

Luckily for me, I learned about BobTheTeacher and I quickly ordered two of his products (UnstoppableBlogging and Discover Autoresponders). These two products alone have transformed my frustration into inspiration.

Bob has a gift for transforming complexity into simplicity. After 5 years of trial and error, I FINALLY made a breakthrough in my online presence and business. All thanks to BobTheTeacher and his effective and easy business building tools and strategies."


Greg Martin -


Rave Reviews For Bob The Teacher's Coaching Programs

"My dream... is becoming a profitable reality!"

Ronda Kay Wasser
Jerusalem, Israel

"Before coaching with Bob, I was floundering in a mass of ideas, information, and contradictory goals accumulated over too long a period of preparation. As a total newbie to online business I was paralyzed by not even being able to formulate the relevant questions.

Knowing that Bob would not settle for less than a successful outcome to our coaching gave me confidence to fully engage in the process, and trust his leadership. And now, my dream of improving the relationships of grandparents around the world with their grandchildren is becoming a profitable reality!

If you are ready to become accountable, and to break through to an actionable go-forward strategy, then working with Bob The Teacher is a wise choice."

 Check On Twitter...

Or Check With Google...

Search for best internet marketing teacher on Google, and you'll find me in the #1 position out of almost 3 million results.

Screenshot taken 2/13/2010 - signed out of all Google accounts

The training I provide, and the systems I put into action get results. And if you get to SIMPLE, you'll get the behind the scenes, step-by-step instruction you need to duplicate my success for your business.

Entertaining, Informative, And
Focused On Specific Actions

This training won't be stale, run-of-the-mill lectures that put you to sleep. And you won't get a bunch of hype and theory that you'll find it difficult to implement when you get back home.

With my decade of working with teenagers, I know how to teach in an engaging way so you'll have fun, learn, and know exactly what steps to take next.

Here's an example of my teaching during a workshop for coaches, consultants, and service providers held in 2009. Although it's just a few minutes, you'll get a sense of my teaching style.

This particular video is a jump start on using teleseminars in your business - just one of many SIMPLE strategies you'll be learning more about from me and the special faculty guests I've hand selected to teach you.


"Here's The Real Truth About
How I Discovered The SIMPLE Formula As
I Built A 6-Figure Business... From Scratch!"

Chasing After Rainbows
And Pots Of MLM Gold

However, I'm hardly an overnight success. And I've made significant mistakes along the way. Before I share the SIMPLE 3-phase system with you, let me share a bit about my own journey, so you can see that you can use the same SIMPLE formula to build a 6-figure business for yourself, too.

Before I became the six-figure business owner that I am now, I struggled to make any money online. And what I made was dwarfed by how much it cost to get it.

During my ten years as a high school teacher, I had a very limited amount of time to pursue a home based business. But that didn't stop me from trying!

First, I tried to be a webmaster. I built a few simple websites "on the side." The county social studies site, and a rival high school were 2 of my paying clients. I did my own school's website, but forgot to charge for it. Then there was the summer basketball camp. And the bed & breakfast my parents run.

As with most service based businesses, you only get paid when you put in the time. With the classroom commitments I had, I could go several months without being able to work on my business.

That's one of the reasons even my parents fired me :)

So then I learned about MLM and network marketing. It seemed so logical:

You sell stuff, get other people to sell stuff, get them to get other people to sell stuff, and everybody gets a piece of the action. All you needed was to find 6 people who could find 6 people who could find....

... and you'd be making money while you sleep.

Sound familiar?

So I became a rep for a company selling dental plans.

To hedge my bets, I also started selling nutritional & cleansing products. And an early social networking site. And a video mail service. And bags of beef jerky. 

Pretty soon, I was a walking strip mall of products for sale.

And I couldn't figure out why nobody was buying what I was selling. How frustrating it was that my recruitment efforts to build my "team" were failing miserably, too.

With the cost of leads and the money I wasted on Adwords that first year, any income I made was dwarfed with all the expenses it took to get there. In fact, I spent over $4000 during my "MLM phase" and earned back about $1000.

You don't have to be a math person to see how unprofitable that is!

Even worse was how disconnected I was feeling selling products and programs that relied so much on faith of the customer when I had no credibility offering those products. 

There had to be a better way!

Lessons Learned Inside
A Bag Of Beef Jerky!

Except for the money thing, I did have some unexpectedly positive results come out of my "MLM phase". Most notably was from the beef jerky business.

This story is entirely true - there's no way I could ever make this up!

A few weeks into 2006, I invested in a mentoring program with Mike Filsaime, Paulie Sabol, Donna Fox, and Tom Beal. They were teaching me about internet marketing, and opening my eyes up to a much better model of building a business.

But when I started with them, I just wanted to learn how to get my MLM businesses to grow.

One day in March, Paulie introduced me to this little website called Squidoo, created by Seth Godin. You may know of this site now (it's #270 or so in the planet for traffic today) - but back then it was practically invisible. Paulie said we could build mini webpages to promote whatever we wanted.

And so I jumped right in.

There were no tutorials or ebooks about how to use it other than a small report by Seth that revealed the vision of the site. And there was a "lens wizard" that got you started, and then you were pretty much on your own.

I made about 10 pages (called "lenses") over the first 2 days, and one of them was about beef jerky. I explored all the widgets and "modules" you could use on your page. It was fascinating to me, and it was all free.

Within a week or two, I discovered that some of my pages were getting attention and more traffic. Towards the end of March, several lenses of mine were in the top 500 of the site (out of about 10-15,000 at the time), and a couple were even in the top 100.

Better still, I noticed that traffic to my Squidoo lenses was resulting in a few sales of the products I was promoting, including the beef jerky!

It wasn't a fortune mind you - but I was finally making more money than I was spending to get it!

Then on April 10 (I was on Spring Break at the time), I got an email from Seth himself! It simply said,

"hey Bob - you're famous," a quick recommendation, and a link to that day's New York Times.

And this is what I saw when I clicked the link...

Yep - there was my lens on beef jerky as the lead example of Squidoo lenses. Very quickly, my lens shot up from #85 to #1 on the site, and stayed there for another week or so.

I was so excited... jumping up and down and acting like a crazy person. Of course, I would have preferred the New York Times to take notice of my mad teaching skills, instead of beef jerky, but I can't be picky.

The First Breadcrumb
Leading To My Success

Now don't think this story ends with a beef jerky business empire. That's hardly the case!

I initially thought that might happen. After all, the New York Times is a pretty popular paper. But what came next took me by surprise.

Nobody wanted to know how to make money with beef jerky. And only a few people were interested in buying what in fact is the best jerky out there ;)

What they really wanted to know was, how in the world did you make a free webpage that got noticed?

I didn't realize it at that moment, but that would be the type of question that would lead to the development of the SIMPLE formula.

Because I had taught myself how to use Squidoo, and because it was free, I figured everybody else would just figure it out on their own as well. Why would they need me to teach it to them?

An $18,000 Lesson From
Johns Hopkins University

Then I realized something.

Just a year earlier, I had finished up a Master's degree from Johns Hopkins University. The degree is an MLA - liberal arts; which means I got to study some awesome courses that ranged from political science, to film, to economics, and existentialism.

All the books I read, movies I watched (Science Fiction Film was awesome!), and resources I studied were freely available online, in public libraries, or even already on my own shelf.

Yet, I invested $18,000 to get that degree. Why?

As a teacher of history, I recognize there's a big difference between getting information, and getting an education. That what I was paying for at Hopkins was not the details, but the expertise of the faculty to focus my attention on things that mattered.

They served as filters to distill all the random information and sources into a logical course curriculum that was both enjoyable and educational. I could have wasted decades wading through all the books out there to find the ones that would make a difference to me.

So it slowly dawned on me that even though making simple pages on Squidoo was easy enough to figure out on your own, people wanted me to show them the way. And I could use my teaching skills of curriculum design to get them to learn it faster.

The magic formula was starting to take shape...

Building A List From
Sharing Free Information

While I was still trying to figure out what to do with this evolving epiphany, my mentors were telling me I "had to build a list".

At first I didn't really understand what that meant, or how much growth would actually come from it, but I listened and took action.

They told me to give something away for free, and use an autoresponder and affiliate marketing in the process.

So I wrote a report about the free tools and advertising channels I was using to get leads for all those random MLM businesses and products I was trying to sell. At first, I thought these free tools I was using were so obvious everybody already knew about them. Or that because all you had to do was look up "free advertising" on Google, and you'd be able to find most of them.

But I trusted my mentors, and did it anyway.

And the result astonished me!

I published the Free Ad Report and connected it to an autoresponder. I then gave it away through the free advertising channels I highlighted in the report. Within a few weeks, I had several hundred subscribers - real people reading my report. Many sent me thank you emails for helping them get more traffic than ever.

And because some of the free tools inside included upgrade options, I started seeing money coming in from my affiliate links in the report.

Maybe my mentors were right after all!

Can You Think Of Something Your Clients And
Friends Ask You About All The Time?

This would be a good time for me to pause in my own story and ask you an important question.

Is there something people keep asking you about that boggles your mind why they even need to ask? Some resource, tip, or strategy that you've been using *forever* and it surprises you that others don't know about it yet?

Then you have the beginnings of a faster, more profitable way to grow your business with the SIMPLE formula.

And instead of simply giving away this information, you can start to imagine how you can grow a list of leads and subscribers much faster, and with my help, monetize these recommendations for additional income immediately.


From Free Information
To Making Automated Income

The next step in my own journey came a few weeks after I released that free report.

Although I was getting thank you emails from some of the members for pointing out helpful and free resources, others were sending different requests.

They wanted to know HOW to use the tools I was recommending.

At the same time, I was learning from my mentoring buddy Lon Naylor about some software that let you record your screen into a video that other people could watch. It was during the summer of 2006, and school was starting up soon.

If what my mentors told me was true, I could create a simple set of videos as a product, and people would (knock on wood) buy it from me any time day or night.

So I picked up a free trial of that software, and started making videos. I just walked people through some of the basics: how to set up the accounts, make profiles, pick usernames, etc. And I added some strategies to help make sense of why certain steps would work better than others.

This process of sharing this kind of information came very natural to me - in part because of my teaching background. But also because I was simply sharing something I knew really well that other people could benefit from.

I started offering the videos for $27 - and because of the connections I had been making through forums and to my initial list, they actually sold!


Making Money While You Sleep -
Or Even While Giving A Test!

Soon after the release of the Free Ad Report videos, it was time to go back to school. A few days into the school year, I gave a quiz to check on the progress we had made during the first week.

With one eye on the class, and another on my computer, something really cool happened: I made a sale of my videos while I was at work!

I was doing something completely different - yet someone out there in the world was buying, and then learning from something I had created a couple weeks before.

I'll never forget that moment. It was more powerful than waking up to a sale or two while I slept. Because it meant that I could work on additional products, go on vacation, or even do something as simple as watch Grey's Anatomy, and I could still see my business grow.

It was a very small step - but those initial sales gave me the confidence to keep moving forward.

And I bet if you're starting out at the beginning of your own journey, those first few payment notifications are going to send butterflies through your stomach, too!


Creating Something
Worth Talking About

One final piece to this story needs to be told. And it's perhaps the most important element for long term growth.

Now with a product available for sale, I could connect that product to an affiliate program and reward other people for bringing customers to me.

Since I was still teaching full time, this was awesome. People all over the world would use both free and paid marketing methods to sell what I had created. They included links on their websites, and made the recommendations in their emails.

I didn't have to rely solely on my own efforts to grow my business. And I didn't have to waste my money on expensive advertising that didn't work.

This was all just the beginning, but the path to profit was unfolding before my eyes.


The SIMPLE Formula
Starts To Take Shape

In a moment, I'll give you more specifics of the 3-phases of SIMPLE that I'll be teaching throughout the event at the end of the month.

But you should know that although I've tweaked, revised, and enhanced the process and systems involved, this story I've just shared with you was simply repeated over and over again.

And that's why it can have such an immediate impact on your business.

With my help during this event, you'll find that tip, resource, or strategy that you can use to get more leads, build a list, and generate cash flow immediately. And it will be based on something you already know, but take for granted.

You'll then see where the gaps are in the marketplace and in the minds of your audience, and create simple information products to sell to eager buyers who have grown to trust you more.

And you'll allow others to share in the profit for spreading the word about the simple solutions you are providing.

Best of all, you'll be building a real business, helping other people profitably, and doing it without huge financial risk or wasting a lot of time. Plus - it's mostly automated after you set up the SIMPLE system. You'll benefit from each cycle for years to come.


This Is A Proven, Repeatable Profit System
And I'll Hand It To You In 3 Days

Once I uncovered how to turn this kind of information into a lead generating, profit making machine that then runs on autopilot, I repeated it over and over again.

Here are just a few of the more than 30 products I've created in the last 40 months:

  • Discover cPanel

  • Discover Social Networking

  • Twitter Seduction

  • Squidoo Secrets

  • Teleseminar Formula

  • Discover Freemind

This is the same system that's enabled me to create a quarter million dollar business (annual revenue) in about 3 years.

In fact, when I started my business in early 2006, I made a lot of mistakes during my first year. Yet I was still able to triple my teacher's salary in 15 months because I kept my sights focused on my destination.

If I knew back then what I knew now, who knows where my business would be. But since I did make the mistakes and grew through mentoring, trial and error, and a lot of perseverance, I can help you better than most gurus.

And since I'm a professionally trained teacher, who is extremely methodical with his training courses, you know I'll present my system in a simple way that you can easily apply to your business.


SIMPLE Is The Experience
You Have Been Looking For!

Is this experience going to be the right fit for you?

As I continue preparations for the training sessions, I have the following goals for those that attend.

Recognize the skills and talents that YOU already possess so you can quit spinning your wheels in 27 different directions
Turn those skills and talents into lucrative information products which will generate income and a loyal fan base 24/7
Leverage your life experience into more credibility - so that more people will want to buy from you instead of your competition
Discover profitable partnerships with your competition - because your profits will soar through cooperation instead of "winner take all" marketing
Uncover the truth about affiliate marketing and avoid making all the mistakes that are currently holding you back in this area
Prioritize the technical skills a successful business owner will need in 2010, and identify those that are much better handed off to a reliable vendor
Avoid being ripped off by webmasters and other vendors who rely on your ignorance for their income
Cut down on the wild swings of income typically facing the average entrepreneur, so you can stabilize your income month after month
Set ambitious but realistic goals for your business in 6 months, 1 year, and 3 years once you see "behind the curtain" of my own business
Meet energetic entrepreneurs just like you who will support you with motivation, connections, and experiences

These goals are universal - they truly apply to the experienced business owner and the eager novice alike.


Your Business Must Have All 3 Of These Elements
If You Want To Succeed In 2010

The kind of business that will see positive growth in 2010 will have three critical elements:

Be a person-based, solution-focused business
Create multiple streams of income from less (but better) customers
A lucrative affiliate program to attract and motivate affiliates

Of all the methods of generating revenue, the programs I've created that have had the best results always had all three of these elements.

And in 2010, when you implement what you learn at SIMPLE, you'll discover this simple path to six figures as well.

Forget for a moment that you aren't sure what your solution is...

And don't worry right now about how you'll generate three times as much revenue while having fewer customers than you feel you need...

And don't fret about how you'll integrate the technology required to run an affiliate program.

Just imagine that these are in place - because I'll make it really simple for you during this training.


Imagine Where Your Business
Will Be With My Help...

Put yourself into your future skin, where the biggest surprise in your business is that you didn't just double your expectations, you tripled them.

And imagine how awesome it will feel when your credit card balance reads "$0.00 - No payment due".

Or the rush of saying Yes! when your significant other asks you for that gift in the store window.

And the satisfaction of never worrying again about harassing phone calls or letters from creditors and lenders.

Those things will not happen over night, but it's my determination, in fact my obligation, to help you get there faster than you ever thought possible.

And I'm going to do it with the help of just a handful of top-notch people I personally turn to for help with my own business.

We'll get to the faculty members in a moment, but first, I know you're dying to know...


Here's What You Will Be Learning At SIMPLE...

For the first time in one place, in one program, I'll be teaching the exact methods I use to generate $10,000/month every month. The fact is, this event has been in the works for over 3 years now, and the timing is finally right for me to teach all the steps to you at one time.

The weekend will essentially be split into 3 phases.

SIMPLE Phase One:
Make Money As A Credible Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is a great way to build a business online, but most people struggle to make a single commission because they're going about it in the wrong way.

Others fare even worse because they think they have to spend a fortune with Google Adwords to hopefully turn a profit.

With the SIMPLE system, you'll use your knowledge and experience to have something 98% of affiliates are lacking: Credibility!

And because this is just the first phase of an integrated system, your efforts are going to pay off for the long haul. No more quick cash followed by long periods of drought!

Specifically at SIMPLE, you'll learn how to...

  • Pick the right affiliate products to promote based on what you know and use

  • Promote products you wished you had created yourself

  • Become a recognized authority on that particular product

  • Get noticed by the product creators so they'll support you during YOUR Phase Two without feeling threatened

  • Research the needs of your marketplace that are not being fulfilled by the existing products

  • Make repeat income by leveraging your actions into an automated system

Generating revenue as an affiliate is only the beginning - but it also never ends. As you progress through Phase Two and Phase Three, you'll continue to benefit from Phase One for the life of your business.

SIMPLE Phase Two: Make Money As A
Product Creator And Solution Provider

Next - when you learn my SIMPLE formula and blueprint, you'll be ready to create profitable information products and programs based on what you already know.

Instead of chasing after bright shiny objects, and random business opportunities, you'll have the confidence and focus to succeed within your strengths.

With the knowledge you gain from Phase One, including what the market already provides and especially what it's missing, you'll create your products and programs to fill the gaps.

You'll already have an eager list of buyers from Phase One, and the status to accelerate your revenue faster.

Specifically at SIMPLE, you'll learn how to...

  • Pick the right types of products to create based on what you learn in Phase One

  • Become an effective teacher of information so your customers love what you sell them. As a professional teacher for 10 years and mentor for 7 student teachers, I can help you hear better than just about anyone else in the internet marketing world.

  • Plan simple products using your strengths and talents - are you a writer? A talker? Charismatic? We'll use these to lay out a plan for creating reports, teleseminars, online video, and coaching programs.

  • Choose the right price for your products and programs based on a long term profit approach. Most people get the pricing wrong with their products and so they never get off the ground.

  • Leverage your products and programs to generate multiple streams of revenue without appearing like your scattered all over the map!

  • Become the authority that people love to learn and buy from

  • Get your customers to ASK you for your affiliate links

Generating revenue through your own products and services is essential to generating high levels of income on the internet. And since the SIMPLE formula is based on what you already know and get excited about, you'll implement Phase Two rapidly.

Yet we can't stop there! Without Phase Three, you're going to be leaving 50% or more of your potential income on the table.

SIMPLE Phase Three: Make Money
With Your Own Affiliate Program

The real magic of SIMPLE happens when you implement Phase Three - having your own affiliate program.

For the last 4 years, my business has grown and maintained a high level of sustainability because of the specific pieces of my affiliate program.

It's not so much about the software you use, but in how your program gets integrated into promotional efforts of your partners.

Specifically at SIMPLE, you'll learn how to...

  • Choose the right affiliate management software for your business

  • Keep your program simple, and highly profitable for your affiliates

  • Attract the right affiliates to promote your offer

  • Make sure that your affiliates aren't "one-hit wonders" - some of my affiliates earn commissions from me every week, even though they haven't actively "promoted" my programs in over 2 years!

  • Turn any customer of yours into an affiliate - they won't make the most sales for you, but collectively your existing customers are the secret engine of your program

  • Create affiliate promotional tools that virtually guarantee affiliates' participation and success in your program.

Without this third phase, your business will succeed only if you do all the work. But with Phase Three in place you won't be replacing the job you currently have with an even harsher work environment.

This is the secret sauce for that freedom lifestyle you're longing for.

Over the last year, I took 4 cruises, spent over 4 weeks in Europe, took a 2 week road trip, and worked half as much per week as I used to as a full time high school teacher. This is because the SIMPLE formula allows you to earn repeat and growing income from focused actions, and the leverage of internet marketing.


Get Ready For A Real Business Education
From Teachers That Over-Deliver!

Bob Jenkins - Principal and Lead Faculty

Over the course of SIMPLE, you'll learn the exact steps I took and mistakes I made from the start of my business to where I am now. I'll be sharing what has worked for me and what hasn't in a way that shortcuts your own path to a 6-figure business.

As the lead instructor for SIMPLE, I'll be teaching most of the sessions and facilitating one or two panels with VIPs who will be attending.

Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to learn from 4 excellent teachers who I've hand selected to give you specialized training in areas that will bring you profitable results fast.

These world-class trainers were selected because of their ability to teach. Because my own business has personally benefited from learning from each of them, I know you're going to love learning from them as well.

And since this event will be delivered with a multi-disciplinary "school" approach, each faculty member will be responsible for a particular class.

(don't worry - we won't have uncomfortable desks or kiddie chairs for you to squeeze into...)

Discover Online Video Profits Using Camtasia
With Lon Naylor
- Video Productions (A/V)

Without a doubt the premier trainer on creating online video with screencasting software like Camtasia is Lon Naylor. Lon is a former high level trainer for Microsoft, and his skills working with "Uncle Bill" are evident in his live trainings (he also shot Bill Gates in the butt with a super soaker, and lived to tell the tale!).

With Lon, you'll learn just how easy it is to take what you know and turn it into videos quickly and with a lot less headaches.

He'll also help you avoid the biggest mistakes that stymie most information publishers when it comes to video.

Discover How To Become Fearless
With Jacqueline Wales -

We all want to be more successful, but until we become fearless in our pursuits we'll continue to be held back from our true potential.

Jacqueline Wales is the critically acclaimed author of The Fearless Factor, and she will be teaching you how to identify and then harness those hidden fears that are preventing you from reaching your personal and business goals.

Discover Your Fastest Paths To Cash
With Adam Urbanski -

Starting with $194 in his pocket when he arrived from Poland 20 years ago, Adam has grown more than one multi-million dollar business.

He'll be teaching you how to "think bigger" about your own business, and leverage your time in ways you never thought possible.

Over the last year, Adam has served as my primary mentor. So I personally know how action-oriented and practical his strategies are for turning what you know into multiple streams of income.

Discover How To Engage Any Audience (Live Or Virtual)
With Felicia Slattery -
Speech & Effective Communications

You may have mixed feelings about speech and debate in high school, but you'll love Felicia's class on effective communication in your marketing.

Felicia will be giving you specific strategies to turn what you say into gold, whether it's on a teleseminar, in a video, while writing an email, in your sales letters, or in front of a live audience.

With Felicia's help, you'll suddenly see a lot more Yes'es for your products and services, with a lot less effort.

And of course, you're going to love connecting and learning from the other participants at SIMPLE. Because of my style of teaching and integrity-based information marketing, you can trust that we'll all be on the same page when it comes to growing our businesses.

In other words, this event will not be attended by spammers, scammers, or leeches!


You Get My $10,000/Month System
For A Lot Less Than You Would Expect!

You may have scrolled straight down to this section, or it's the question chief on your mind right now.

And I'll answer it in just a minute. But I first need to make sure you understand that if you expect a cheap ticket price, then you're looking for the wrong kind of help.

When you see the average seminar ticket price at less than $1000, it's because the bulk of the money made by that event will be made by people selling big programs to those that attend the event.

And because the pressure on speakers and promoters is to sell these big ticket items to the attendees in order to make a profit, the speakers' presentations are focused way too much on selling, instead of teaching.

To attend SIMPLE, and learn my $10,000/month business system for sustainable profits, you'll see a regular price of $2997. But as you'll see below, your investment is even less the sooner you reserve your seat.


Invest In Your Business Today And Save!

So the regular ticket price for SIMPLE is $2997, but I'd like give you a special offer if you register today.

Reserve Your Seat Before...
Invest Just...
February 22, 2010 and save
$1100 as a friend of Bruce Brown!

3 Payments of
Just $397

Your savings of $1100 are more than enough to cover your hotel and food while you're at SIMPLE!

Take Action On What I Teach And You'll
Earn Back Your Investment Within 90 Days!

As a former teacher, I know that $3000 or even $1900 is a significant investment for you. But it's truly a drop in the bucket compared to what you'll be earning with the SIMPLE system in place.

Think about it.

Once you have the right product to promote as an affiliate, you'll earn $10 - $100 or more for every sale of that product you make.

And with the education you get at SIMPLE, you should have a product of your own ready for sale within the next 30-60 days.

Imagine how easy it will be to find just 100 people to buy a $27 product from you. Or even just 10 people to pick up a $297 product from you.

With the SIMPLE steps I lay out for you in this program, that will come faster than you'll ever get it on your own.

Here's a very realistic scenario based on the SIMPLE model, and less than 100 total buyers of $47 products...

Phase Product Price Your Profit Total Buyers Total
Phase 1: Affiliate $47 $23 50 $1150
Phase 2: Your Product $47 $47 20 $940
Phase 3: Your Affiliates $47 $23 30 $690
Phase 1: Affiliate* $47 $23 10 $230



* - Additional affiliates sales you make to the buyers of your product (Phase 2) who come from you or your affiliates

And as you'll see with my triple guarantee below, if it doesn't work for you, I'll give you your money back anyway.

So you truly have nothing to lose with your registration today. In fact, the only thing you'll lose is that sense of overwhelm and uncertainty that's been weighing on your shoulders for so long!

Get Registered For SIMPLE Now

When You Attend SIMPLE, Your Investment
Will Return Profits In Time, Money, And More

You have a decision to make that requires a significant financial investment, one that neither you or I will take lightly.

But instead of focusing on the price, I want to make sure you make this decision based on the profitability of the opportunity.

So consider the following questions as you determine if registering for SIMPLE is not just "in your budget" but that it is also the no-brainer investment that it truly is.


TIME: How much time are you wasting trying to figure this out on your own?

The information I and the SIMPLE faculty will be sharing will take you months (if not years) to learn on your own. Just to research where to find these strategies, and then read all those ebooks will take forever. Plus, you could be reading the wrong information which could be even more disastrous for you.

I don't know what you make now, but a person who earns $100,000/year earns about $50/hour. So in that scenario, spending just 2 hours per week researching and reading will cost over $5000 for the next year.

Instead of risking all that time learning in isolation, get it from us in one weekend.


MONEY: Is $60/month "too expensive" for financial stability?

The investment in SIMPLE may be bigger than you've ever made for your business before. I want to make sure you keep it in perspective.

First, remember that my faculty and I are teaching you a $10,000/month system. So realistically, if I asked for $5000/month, you'd still be doubling your investment. Of course, I'm asking even less than that just one time, so even if your results fall short by 90%, you'll still be in profit in less than 90 days.

Second, did you or someone you know invest in a 401(k) or a Roth IRA over the last couple of years? Where is that money now? Poof, right!?

When you invest smartly in your business, you'll be your own retirement plan. And you will no longer be a victim of the stock market.

Third, since the typical credit card has you pay 2% of your balance, your registration is actually less than $60/month - extremely affordable especially when you consider how quickly you'll recoup your investment by implementing the system I'll teach you at SIMPLE. And if you register sooner than later, it will be even less!

Plus think about how big that smile on your face will be when you can cut up those credit cards in the near future!


IMPACT: How much will your inaction cost other people?

I truly believe that you have solutions inside of you, that when used correctly will make this world a better place. Whether you can help them financially, physically, spiritually, or emotionally, your solutions are needed by a lot of people.

If you do not attend SIMPLE, and you have no other plan to build a successful business, how will those people be served? I know as well as you do that people are hurting - and that your solution is part of our world's renewal.

And as those people's problems go unsolved, it will gravely impact the future of the nation's we live in - our health, economy, and happiness.

I know that your success is bigger than just you and me - and I do not take that responsibility lightly.

Count Me In, Bob!


You Are Protected 3 Ways With My Immediate,
Absolute, And Profit Satisfaction Guarantees

You're going to love how relevant and action-oriented SIMPLE is for you and your business. You'll walk away with a $10,000/month blueprint appropriate to your business. And to put all the responsibility for delivering an awesome experience for you on my shoulders, you are protected by my triple guarantee!

I will make sure that you see a significant return on your investment that makes this training free and profitable to you in the long run.

My Personal Money-Back
100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

Be Absolutely Blown Away By All
You Accomplish With My Training
Or Get All Your Money Back!

Immediate Satisfaction Guarantee: If after the first day you feel the strategies I've shared are not worth the investment in time, travel, and money, I'll not only refund your registration fee, but I'll also give you $500 out of my pocket for the inconvenience. Simply turn in your materials and your event pass by the end of the first day and we'll part as friends.

Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee: If after the entire weekend you feel the strategies I've shared and the connections you've made aren't worth at least twice what you've invested, I'll refund your entire registration.

Profit Satisfaction Guarantee: If after 1 year of implementing what you learned at SIMPLE, you haven't earned at least 10 times your investment in additional revenue, I'll refund your entire registration. All I ask is that you document that you've tried your best to implement my strategies during and after the event for at least a solid 3 months some time in 2010.

Activate Your Triple Satisfaction
Guarantee Right Now

Register Today And You'll Also
Receive Over $4000 In Bonus Gifts

Of course, the main attraction is attending this event live, participating in the sessions, and networking with other attendees.

However, I know how much you love a good bonus, so how about I give you not 1 but 3 6 bonuses free!

As part of your registration today, you'll get all the bonuses below in addition to the huge discount.

And as you'll see, these bonuses are not a bunch of crap piled on to overwhelm you with information. Every single one is designed to make sure you successfully take action on the strategies you will learn before and during SIMPLE.

SIMPLE Registration Bonus #1:
Bring A Guest For Free!

When you attend a live event, having your spouse, a business partner, or your virtual assistant with you can make a huge difference.

This way, you can connect with more people in the audience. Also, you will both be on the same page when you start implementing the strategies you've learned.

That's why I'm going to give you a second ticket to SIMPLE absolutely free.

$2997 Value

SIMPLE Registration Bonus #2:
SIMPLE Audio Recordings (MP3)

As a teacher, I know the best way to learn and apply new knowledge is to have access to the original source material for later reference.

I also know that when you're deep in the moment, listening to the great ideas and strategies at a live event, your mind may start to wonder because of all the light bulbs flashing in your head.

You may also simply need to step out for a few minutes for whatever reason.

So I'm going to give you the raw, uncut audio recordings of the 3 day event. You'll be able to listen again and again to the lessons and secrets that I reveal during the sessions.

And unlike every other internet marketing seminar or industry conference, you won't have to pay extra for the privilege! With your registration today, you get the MP3 recordings included!

$497 Value

SIMPLE Registration Bonus #3:
Quick Start Implementation Program

One of the big frustrations most seminar attendees have is the overwhelm they experience during and immediately after the event.

Every thing seems so clear when you're in the seminar room, but when you get home paralysis sets in - "What should I do next?"

As a SIMPLE graduate, you'll have the support you need to make sure that doesn't happen to you.

Throughout the month of March, you, me, and the other students of SIMPLE will meet together virtually. You'll be included in a social network community to stay connected to one another. And we'll get together on the phone so I can answer your follow up questions you are certain to have once you implement the strategies I teach you.

And you'll have access to our collective brain power to make sure you successfully take action on what you learned at the event!

In other words, your registration today is not just for a 3 day experience, but for continued help for your business even after we all head back home.

$497 Value

NEW SIMPLE Registration Bonus #4:
Teleseminar Formula Profit
And Product Creation System

During SIMPLE, you'll learn all about how teleseminars are your fastest, easiest way to go from Phase 1 to Phase 3.

To make sure you can implement this marketing method the right way, I'm going to hand you my most comprehensive course, Teleseminar Formula.

This course currently sells online for $497, but you get it free with your ticket to SIMPLE!

Not only will you learn how to run your own teleseminars like a pro, you'll learn all the steps to monetize, repurpose, and leverage each and every call you do.

You'll even learn how to generate thousands of dollars from a single call even if no one is actually listening when you record it!

$497 Value

NEW SIMPLE Registration Bonus #5:
Discover Autoresponders Training

The most important marketing skill you'll strengthen is email marketing and list building. I'll be teaching the strategies you can use to rapidly grow your list, treat your subscribers like gold, and generate $1 per member per month or more from your list.

To make sure you know the exact technical steps to take with your list building, I'm going to give you free access to my $97 training program, Discover Autoresponders.

You won't have to guess which buttons to push, or which steps to do first because it's already laid out for you.

$97 Value

NEW SIMPLE Registration Bonus #6:
Discover cPanel Videos

One of the keys to higher profitability with your business is knowing how to do certain things with your own website - so you can stop getting ripped off by webmasters.

During SIMPLE, you'll learn all about affiliate marketing strategies like blogging, URL redirects, and Error Pages.

To make sure you feel 100% confident that you can handle the techy side of it, I'm giving you the complete Discover cPanel video series.

This series currently sells online for $77, and it's your ticket to avoiding high fees, or being held hostage by your webmaster who disappears or doesn't respond to your emails.

You'll finally get control over the most important elements of your website!

$77 Value

Give Me All The Bonuses With My SIMPLE Registration!


PLUS... Your Chance To Rub Elbows
With These 4 SIMPLE Geniuses!

In addition to the four faculty members and myself, you'll get to network and learn from a handful of VIPs who will be attending as well. They will not be teaching individual sessions, but they will be on hand for a couple of panel discussions and to help answer your questions throughout the weekend.

At a live event, it's critical that you get to run your ideas past people who have the knowledge and experience to give realistic advice and suggestions for moving forward. These VIPs have been invited to attend because they know what they're talking about - in fact, at other events they are usually featured speakers.

They conduct their businesses with care and integrity, and they're also using many of the elements of my SIMPLE session so they won't confuse you with contradictory recommendations.

If you have questions about any of these areas, you'll learn not only from the SIMPLE sessions, but from the experts in these fields, too.

Nicole Dean

  • Creating your own lucrative affiliate program
  • Using private label rights
  • Outsourcing on any budget

Scott Tousignant

  • Maintaining a healthy business/lifestyle balance
  • Rapid progresss through accountability
  • Using live video

Shannon Cherry

  • Getting massive exposure through publicity
  • Writing effective press releases
  • Connecting with local and national media

Ravi Jayagopal (Digital Access Pass)

  • Creating profitable membership sites using WordPress
  • Delivering continuity courses
  • Working with website scripts

Each of these SIMPLE VIPs are coming to connect with you during the 3 days of training. Unlike most events where you never really get to meet with the "gurus", they won't be spending the entire weekend holed up in their rooms creating products or inking secret deals.


Discover Your Simple 6-Figure System
In Wilmington, North Carolina

This event will be held on the Cape Fear, River, in Wilmington, North Carolina. Already we have people registered from around the US and Canada, as well as overseas.

In case you're wondering why Wilmington, watch this quick video for my answer...

So we'll be meeting in historic downtown Wilmington at the Hilton Wilmington Riverside. And we scored a great discounted rate for your room.

Plus the hotel is less than 10 minutes from the Wilmington Airport (ILM), and there's a free shuttle to the hotel.

Please reserve my ticket to the
School for Internet Marketing Profits - Live Experience

in Wilmington, North Carolina, February 26-28, 2010.

By reserving my ticket now, I'm getting

  • Full 3-day, all access pass to all 15 profit-focused sessions of SIMPLE

  • A complimentary guest ticket so I can bring my spouse or business partner, too (because 2 heads are better than 1)

  • The complete audio recordings of the sessions so I can continue learning from this event even after I get back home

  • Free access to your 30 day SIMPLE implementation program to ensure I have your expert help as I begin taking action when I get back home

  • Free instant access to the Teleseminar Formula Product and Profit Creation System so I can get moving right away

  • Free instant access to Discover Autoresponders so I'll know exactly how to put your list building strategies into action.

  • Free instant access to Discover cPanel video tutorials so I can finally gain control of my website!

  • Your Triple Guarantee Activated - if I feel like Bob delivered anything less than 110% of my expectations, and I don't see real results in a reasonable amount of time - I can get my full tuition back!

Total Value Of This SIMPLE Offer

Save $1100 When You Reserve Your Ticket
Before 12 p.m. EST February 15, 2010

Face Value: $2997

3 Monthly Payments Of Just $697
(Save Over $800!)

Special For Friends Of Bruce Brown

3 Monthly Payments Of Just $397
(Save Over $1800!)

Or Save Even More With
Single Payment Option

1 x $1897 (Save 37%)

1 x $997 (Save 66%)

Buy now to secure your SIMPLE registration
and all the bonuses above.

Payment is secure with Paypal - no account is required.


I look forward to teaching you, live and in person, in February!

   Bob Jenkins

p.s. Yes, you can share this opportunity with others. Be sure to check your email after you register for the profitable affiliate program I've set up for attendees.

p.p.s. In case you're wondering, this is not one of those multi-speaker events where 15 different speakers hit you with 30 minutes of content and 60 minutes of selling. It's me and 3 or 4 of my most trusted strategic partners teaching you everything we can throughout the weekend.


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