SIMPLE is an educational business event, and results will vary by individual. The income claims made on and during the SIMPLE event are those of the host, and are not typical or average.

As with any business, there are substantial risks involved with starting, growing, and maintaining a business. You may incur losses in the short or long term.

Success with your business will be a result of your efforts, the connection you make with a buying audience, economic climate, global trends, and the value of services you provide.

All guarantees expressed at assume you take action with the lessons learned and the systems and resources shared with you during the event. It's possible, even with following the system to the letter that you do not increase your income in the immediate future.

Clients of the SIMPLE event requesting a refund due to underperformance must show documentation that the system taught at SIMPLE was followed for at least 90 days consecutively.

For further clarification of this disclaimer, please submit a support request at


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